About Us

Limitless Transfers are the newest and most innovative way to print apparel. These DTF (Direct-to-Film) transfers have revolutionized the entire industry by making it easier than ever before to print high quality, full color designs.

We will continue to grow with any innovations that arise, so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – get started today!

Limitless Transfers was founded by a real life print & embroidery shop owner!

    With over a decade of experience in the industry and 8+ years of being a business owner, Spencer Chernoff has worked with every garment decorating process out there! Embroidery, screen printing, DTG (direct-to-garment), sublimation, HTV (heat transfer vinyl), each process comes with it’s own difficulties and limitations. There’s always been a steep learning curve, bulky expensive equipment, and a lot risk jumping into this industry. When DTF was born, people were (and still are) converting desktop printers to make their transfers and the new technology was met with a lot skepticism by professionals. He decided to try it for himself with their DTG printer and was blown away by the results. Not only did the customers love it, but so did the employees operating the press. Once the technology caught up enabling fine detail, hot peel applications, and consistent high quality results the decision was made.

     There’s no greater feeling than growing your own business. Supporting yourself and your family doing something you love is a beautiful thing! That is what is what we want to share. It’s not just about selling transfers and equipment for us, it’s about giving away the knowledge and experience that got us here. We want to give our clients all the tools they need to experience that same feeling for themselves.

Our Mission

We’re here not just to provide our valued clients with the highest quality transfers on the market, but to also set them up for success. Education is key! Learning how to price, proper sizing and placement for prints, marketing, etc, is essential to operating your business. We’re here to share our years of experience in the industry to give you all of the tools you need to grow your business.

Your success is our success!