How To Work With Our Transfers

Step 1: Cut Out Your Transfers

Cut out your individual designs so you’re ready to print.

Step 2: Place Apparel On Press

Start by loading the shirt onto the platen, ensuring that it is not crooked, and there are no wrinkles that can be pressed into the fabric.

Step 3: Align Transfer

Place your transfer onto the shirt, making sure it is straight and at the right height.

Heat Press Settings

Cotton Application

310 Degrees F
(155 C)

Medium-Firm Pressure
(40-60 PSI)

Press 10 seconds with cover sheet*

Hot Peel

heat press settings

*for coversheets, we recommend silicon parchment paper

Polyester Application

280-300 Degrees F
(155 C)

Medium Pressure
(40-60 PSI)

Press 12 seconds with cover sheet*

Hot/Warm or Cold Peel