Adding DTF To Your Screen Printing Shop

Adding DTF To Your Screen Printing Shop

Are you looking for ways to grow your printing business? Adding a direct-to-film transfer service can be a great way to do just that. This type of service is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers many advantages over traditional methods of transferring images to a printed surface. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at what these advantages are and why you should consider adding this service to your screen printing shop. Keep reading to learn more!

DTF Printing

DTF Printing

DTF (direct-to-film) is a printing process that is an alternative to screen printing and DTF (direct-to-garment). During the DTF process, a water-based ink prints onto a film transfer, which is then dried. Powdered glue covers the back of the transfer before it goes through heat curing. Once it’s cooled down, the DFT can be stored or used immediately.

DTF printing is not only more affordable than screen printing, but it’s also quicker and easier. You can print on a wide range of fabrics with DTF, including cotton, nylon, rayon, polyester, leather, silk…the list goes on. Not to mention that the DTF printer price is amount is quite reasonable than that of screen printers or any other transfer.

Screen printing is a great option for high-volume orders. If you need to print hundreds or thousands of t-shirts quickly, silk screen printing is the most efficient and economical method. Screen printing requires a certain amount of setup because only one color can be applied at a time.

DTF Printing

Depending on what you want to print and the purpose, screen printing or DTF printing may have their own advantages. When choosing to print for your business, it is crucial that you pick the right method.

The printing process you select will greatly affect your costs and the end product quality. Both screen printing and DTF printing can be used for a variety of print jobs. The best method depends on considerations such as what is being printed, what materials are involved, and how many items need to be produced.

One of the reasons people love DTF printers is that they have a great powder-shaking function. In contrast, other printers, such as DTG printers, lack the precision to do this effectively, resulting in poor and chaotic colors on your prints. With DTF printers, you won’t have to worry about color confusion;  every detail of the printed image or design will be a replica of the original.

The DTF printers can produce the corresponding hot melt for any fabric or substrate, which will create a bond between the colors and fibers of the fabric without compromising its surface.

If you’re looking for a high-quality printing option that is also cost-effective and easy to set up, then DTF printing is the way to go. Give it a try in your shop today!

What Kind Of Shop Needs DTF Transfers?

What Kind Of Shop Needs DTF Transfers?

DTFs are ideal for any graphic design or t-shirt business that wants to expand its service offerings. Because DTF is such a versatile printing method, it can be used on a variety of garments and surfaces – making it perfect for businesses that want to offer custom printing services to their clients.

A good scenario in which to use DTFs will be if you have a customer who wants a one-of-a-kind design printed on a difficult-to-print fabric. With DTF, you can easily print complex designs and images onto a variety of garments – giving your customers the unique, custom prints they’re looking for.

Asides from that, individuals who own Etsy shops could find DTFs very beneficial. If you sell t-shirts, for instance, DTF would be a great printing method to use since it allows for complex designs and prints on a variety of fabrics. This would give your Etsy shop an edge over the competition, as you’ll be able to offer unique, custom-printed t-shirts that other shops simply can’t match.

In short, anyone who wants to offer custom printing services – whether it’s for t-shirts, hoodies, or any other garment – can benefit from using DTFs. With this versatile printing method, you’ll be able to print complex designs and images onto a variety of garments and surfaces – giving your customers the unique prints they’re looking for.

Why Is DTF Printing Becoming So Popular?

Why Is DTF Printing Becoming So Popular?

DTF printing is becoming increasingly popular because it offers a number of advantages over other printing methods, such as screen printing. Some of the benefits of using DTF printers include the following:

You Will Not Require Any Weeding Or Cutting

Weeding is the process of removing excess vinyl or paper from your design. This is usually a time-consuming and tedious task, but it’s necessary if you want to produce high-quality prints. With DTF printing, however, you won’t have to weed your designs – saving you a lot of time and effort.

Easy Application

Have you ever wished you could print your designs on difficult or hard-to-reach surfaces? Well, with a film transfer, you can! You only need heat to apply the design, so it’s super easy and user-friendly. This means that you could even sell your printed transfers directly to customers without them needing any extra equipment.

Enhanced Durability

Another advantage of DTF printing is that it produces more durable prints. This is because the ink is actually fused into the fabric of the garment – meaning that it won’t crack, peel, or fade over time. This feature is quite beneficial, especially if you’re planning on selling your prints.

Helps Keep Your Inventory More Versatile

If you have a garment printing business, it’s likely that you have a lot of different designs in your inventory. With DTF printing, you can keep your inventory more versatile by printing multiple designs on the same piece of fabric. This way, you can offer more design options to your customers without having to buy new garments for each design.

Great At Handling Small Orders

Do you often get small orders for your business? If so, DTF printing is a great option for you. This is because it’s a quick and easy printing method – meaning that you can print small orders quickly and efficiently.

Lower Wastage Cost

Another great advantage of DTF printing is that it has a lower wastage cost. This is because you don’t need to print as many garments to produce the same number of prints. In other words, you can save money on your fabric costs by using DTF printing.

Apply To A Wide Variety Of Materials

With direct-to-garment printing, or DTF, you’re not limited to cotton clothes; you can print on various materials like nylon and leather, as well as 50/50 blends. Additionally, the transfers can be placed on different surfaces, such as luggage and shoes. Therefore, by investing in DTF technology, your business will be able to create a more diverse range of products.

No Need For Pretreatment

Another perk of DTF printing is that you don’t need to treat the garment before printing. This is because the inks are already formulated to adhere to the fabric – meaning that you can save time and money on pretreatment costs.

Why you should order your DTF from Limitless Transfer

Why you should order your DTF from Limitless Transfer

Limitless Transfers is a leading supplier of DTF prints. With over a decade of experience, we take pride in providing only the best quality products at an affordable price. We are more than just a transfer supplier; we are your go-to source for everything you require to launch or expand your printing business!

Here is why you should get your DTF orders from us:

Quality Products

We understand the importance of using quality materials when creating a custom-printed product. That’s why we have sourced our products from trusted suppliers and rigorously tested them to ensure they meet industry standards.

Used On Any Fabric

Our DTF prints are compatible with all fabric types, including cotton, polyester, nylon, and more. You can use the same design to create a wide variety of printed items.

Affordable Prices

At Limitless Transfers, we strive to provide our customers with the best value for their money. That’s why all our products and services, including supplies and equipment, are offered at competitive prices. This makes it easier for businesses to keep costs low while providing excellent products.

Fast Turnaround

We understand that turnaround time is an important factor in meeting customer expectations. That’s why we ensure that all orders are processed quickly so that you can hit your lead times. With Limitless Transfers, you can count on us to get your DTF supplies when needed. brand

Seamless Ordering Process

We have streamlined our ordering process so you can easily place your order without hassle. You can complete the entire process in just a few clicks, from selecting the products or providing your preferred design to entering your payment information and shipping address.

Great Customer Service

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience related to the industry, so we can provide the best advice to help you find the right supplies for your needs. We are here to answer any questions or concerns about our products. We strive for excellent customer service at all times.

Full Color-definition

With our DTF technology, you can achieve high image fidelity and rich color. This is perfect for detailed designs that require full-color printing. The vibrant prints we create will make your products stand out from the competition.

We Provide A Variety Of Sizes And Customization Options

At Limitless trаnѕfеrs, we don’t juѕt offer tоnе аnd full-color prints; we also provide a vаrіеtу of sizes. This mаkеѕ іt easier for businesses to customize their orders according to their needs.

Adding DTF To Your Screen Printing Shop


Recently, consumer demand has changed and now favors customization and personalization over mass production. This shift has led to smaller production runs for many businesses in the screen printing industry.

Businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve are turning to DFT printing as a way to offer their customers unique, custom-printed products. With this versatile printing method, you’ll be able to print complex designs and images onto a variety of garments and surfaces – giving your customers the unique prints they’re looking for.


If you’re thinking about investing in a DTF printer for your business, we recommend that you do some research to find out if your business can benefit from this technology. We hope that this article has given you some insight into the advantages of DTF printing – and how it could help your business grow. Thanks for reading!

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